By Dorah Achieng

Your Calling

That furnace
That burning fire inside of you
That inner passion
That calling
That is burning fiercely inside of you
Hold dearly onto it
Do not let it go
It is your calling
Your savior
Your true unique identity.
It will make you stand out
It will distinguish you
It will make you a conqueror
It will identify you amongst the crowd
It will make you stand out in the midst
It is your calling.
It is that vision
That dream
That keeps you up at night
That disturbs your thought
That can't just let you be
That stabs through your soul
It is your calling.
Only you see it
Only you feel it
You will be mocked
You will be ridiculed
Called crazy
It will be out ruled
But, that is your calling.
Never give up on it
Never prove them right
Never settle for less
Never accept living on your knees
Hold onto it
It is your calling.
Work on it
Labor for it
No matter the struggle
No matter the hardship
No matter the wait
It is worth it
Rather than regretting one day
Why you didn't make it come to pass
'Coz' it is your calling
Your uniqueness.

Not So Soon

Young girl
Be very careful when he tells you
Don't be so happy soon
Don't make yourself available so soon
Don't feel so special soon
Just because he says so
Don't become arrogant so soon
To those that warn you of him
Don't believe him so soon
Don't accept any word that comes out of his mouth so soon
Don't give out your heart so soon
Don't avail your body to him so soon
Don't accept his visit proposals so soon
Never hate those who warn you of him so soon
Don't open up to him so soon
Don't tell him every story you are told of him so soon
Don't be too crazy over him so soon
Don't undress for him so soon
Because he says he will 'never leave you'
Don't believe him so soon
When he says you mean the whole world to him
Don't conclude your friends are jealous of you 
When they warn you of him
Don't feel so lucky so soon
Because 'he wants you in his life'
Young girl
Pause and remember
What if all of them are right after all?
What if things go wrong?
Will he still want to be with you?
What if you tell him to wait?
Will he be willing to do so?
Think about it.

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